Custom Clearances/ aqis


KENEALY CUSTOMS BROKERS provides exceptional service to all importers and exporters in a wide variety of industries and businesses.
Our licensed Customs Brokers and specialists will work with you to expedite the Customs clearance of your shipments while at the same time ensuring adherence to all Customs and government regulations.
Our hands-on approach offers best service catered directly to your business.

KENEALY CUSTOMS BROKERS clears cargo through all Australian ports of entry.
You can rest assured that no matter how big or small your shipment is, that our service to you will be personalised and comprehensive.
Your allocated Customs Broker will evaluate your needs and understand your product(s) and requirements.

Our knowledgeable personnel go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure your clearances are handled promptly and efficiently.


KENEALY CUSTOMS BROKERS is licensed by the Australian Customs Service, accredited by the Australian Quarantine Service and with many years of experience, we are able to offer many value added services.


Our expert team will advise you about duties/tariffs applicable to your imports.
Customs duties can be a significant element of your business expense.
Proper planning will ensure that the correct duties will be applied to your imports, ensuring compliance with the current tariffs.
Our vigilance of your importing activities will assist in avoiding unexpected expense and will frequently generate significant savings.
Our Customs Brokers will work with you in reviewing your imports in order to minimise duties and prevent any problems with Customs.


Goods imported into Australia must be classified under the Australian Customs Tariff.
Classification determines the admissibility of goods, the duty rate applicable any import restrictions and the availability of any special tariff concession.

Our Brokers will provide you with:

  • the appropriate duty rate available;
  • the availability of any concession that may eliminate or reduce the duty rate;
  • the applicability of any import restrictions or special requirements;
  • whether the goods are subject to antidumping duties;
  • advice regarding Free Trade Agreements with other countries;
  • advice regarding hazardous or dangerous goods cargo;
  • assistance with required documents;
  • information and assistance with permits, duty refunds, duty drawbacks.