Freight Forwarding Service


A Freight forwarder is an agent who acts on behalf of importers and exporters to organise the safe, efficient and most cost-effective transportation of goods.

Freight Forwarders arrange the best means of transport , taking into account the type of goods and the customer’s delivery requirements.

Kenealy Customs Brokers can arrange international sea or air transport at very competitive and attractive rates and can also arrange a wide range of logistics tasks for our clients.
We have an extensive worldwide network that ensures we cover your requirements to your satisfaction.
A major benefit of having us arrange your shipments is that we are able to monitor the movement and location of your orders from inception to delivery to your door.
Our employees’ knowledge and dedication are of paramount importance in the service that we provide to you and customer satisfaction is the guiding principle for all our activities on your behalf.

We save you valuable time and resources by taking care of ALL your shipping needs from A to Z so that you can concentrate solely on running your business.
No matter how big or small your cargo requirements are, you can rest assured knowing that our service is professional and comprehensive.

Our freight forwarding activities on your behalf may typically include:

  • investigating and planning the most appropriate route for a shipment, cost, transit time, special provision for hazardous or dangerous goods;
  • negotiating transportation and handling costs;
  • checking documentation requirements;
  • investigating possibility of consolidation of small shipments;
  • arranging payment of freight and port charges;
  • real-time tracking of shipments;
  • working closely with clients and shippers to ensure smooth operations to deadlines;
  • maintaining communication and control through all phases of the shipping.


We value our clients; we understand that they expect consistency, fairness, assistance, responsiveness and competence.
Our customer service enhances your business because you can be confident that we will work beside you; you expect prompt service to keep your business running smoothly – you get that from us because we realise that our service to you is tantamount to your success.

Our clients know what they need and what they want and we do our utmost best to make it happen for them. We stay in close contact with our clients because we care about your business and your success by creating a profitable and long partnership.
Keeping in close and constant contact with our clients ensures that if there any bumps along the road, we can smooth them out quickly and with minimal fuss – you are our No. 1 priority.