Ware House And Distribution


  • Willingness to establish and maintain a close working relationship with clients.
  • An in-depth knowledge of the clients imported goods.
  • The Broker is up to date with the latest Customs rules and regulations.
  • The broker is prepared to get the job done safely, quickly and economically, thus enabling the client to focus on selling the merchandise.
  • Compliance with the regulatory and statutory requirements on behalf of the importing client.
  • Patience, sound communication skills and attention to detail are the keys to error-free imports and exports.
  • Acting as the ready link between clients and the Australian Customs Service by ensuring that all documentation and fees are looked after diligently.
  • The knowledge, experience and expertise to ensure that your goods clear Customs without delay.
  • A level of trust with clients to ensure streamlining your business processes and improving your bottom line.
  • Understanding your particular requirements and the level of service that you need.